We have a variety of flavors of coffee that we ourselves and certainly do not eliminate the original taste of the coffee itself. In addition, we also plant and process coffee directly at our premises.

Bali Coffee

  • Organic Bali Coffee is Bali’s best coffee selected from Redsun ripe harvest coffee and processed at slow roasted to ensure the quality of finest coffee beans, which provide you with a richer, best and fantastic coffee taste.

Chocolate Coffee

  • Chocolate texture that can be mix with coffee perfectly, makes Chocolate Coffee tastes very smooth and tasty. Chocolate cotains endorfin anandanida which is stimulate hormon endorfin (Happiness Hormonal) in the body.

Vanilla Coffee

  • Vanilla Coffee is usually better served in the morning a blend of coffee and vanilla extract is good for health, one of which is to calm the nerves.

Ginseng Coffee

  • Ginseng is afrodisiac, power, adding to the harmonious relationship the couple, helping accelerate the healing of many diseases.

Ginger Coffee

  • Blended of the best Bali Coffee extrack Ginger, milk and natural sugar, with traditional hygienically proces which are produce exucite taste. Usefull to warm and refresh your body.

Coconut Coffee

  • Selected from the best our coffee and fresh Coconut cream powder blended with none diary cream and sugar to get rich taste of Coconut and Coffee.
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